It’s hard to keep your carpet clean and looking good but it’s not impossible. We all spill things and create carpet stains, so it’s important to know how to fix it quickly. Here are some great ideas for keeping that nice carpeting feeling and looking great!

Almost all carpet stains come from organic sources, such as people or pets. Things like blood or urine would be organic, and then there are plant-based stains that could include tea, coffee or grease. Even wine would go in this category. They can all be removed successfully if they are attended to in a timely manner. This can be easy depending on your approach. However, if you don’t get to it quickly, the process changes. Here a few home tips for getting carpet stains out quickly.

* For animal stains, a few drops of dish soap mixed with a teaspoon of ammonia or even a mild laundry detergent can do wonders. Put the solution in a spray bottle and saturate the area. Do not use anything that has dyes in it, of course. You can even agitate the fibers of the carpet a bit with a spoon to work it in well. Avoid using bristles and brushes for this task. After a few moments, blot with a cloth, rinse with hot clean water and repeat if needed.

* Plant stains are similar. You can use the same process but you will need to use vinegar rather than soap. When it comes to wine stains, white vinegar works really well! The acid will break down with the vinegar, making it very effective as a stain remover on carpet. It might take a bit more elbow grease but you will eventually get it out. If this doesn’t work, then you may need to break out the big guns and use bleach. However, we don’t mean household bleach such as Clorox. Instead, you want a peroxide product, which works like bleach does. Alkaline, UV light and heat. I you have stains that are red such as ink, blood or wine, pour peroxide on the stain and then soak it up with a light colored cloth so you can see what’s being blotted up. Use the steam on your iron for about 30 seconds over the cloth to continue to lift the stain. You can rinse and repeat this process as many times as you need until you get it all out. Ammonia and sunshine on the stain for a short time can also be effective.

Since we pay our hard-earned money for nice carpet, it can be frustrating to deal with stains, so don’t despair! These tips will be handy for you and if they don’t do the job, then it’s time to call in the pros and let them do a for real steam cleaning to remove carpet stains. For more information on this and other tips for carpet stains or cleaning, please contact the professionals at Savannah Home Services today!

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